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Wow, this place has changed a bit...

Kinda forgot about LiveJournal for the longest. Ever since they started changing things, it's been hard to get into as an almost exclusively mobile user. This site runs terribly on my phone!

So, what's everyone been into? I've finished school and tried out a year of teaching. Found out that the kids will drive me to drink (tea) and that the education system here in New York is absolutely FUBAR. I haven't been writing much, though (aside from assignments for school and the odd update here and there).

I have been sketching a little, now that the school year is coming to an end.

Ever since I heard about there being a FF7 remake, I've gotten back into the final fantasy fandom. There are the result of me sketching before bed, while enjoying a cuppa. They're mostly silly things that made me giggle at the time.

Sorry for the potato quality pics.

I'm not sure if I'm going to get back into fics anytime soon. I'm not sure I have the time for it, to be honest. I'm not even sure that I'll be around LJ that much either. But for what it's worth, I wish you all well.

What I Found this Morning

School's made me into a bit of an insomniac... so I've been killing the hours (when I'm not stuck at school studying like a boss) on Reddit and Youtube. This morning I cam across this and have been singing it all day. I thought I'd spread it around.

Selling my Stuff

So, I'm going back to school in less than a month and need a bit of money. That said, I took a look around my vast collections of 'stuff' and picked out some to sell. Most likely, I am going to continue to look through said stuff and try to see whatever I don't need or really use anymore. And I will sell said stuff for pretty cheap.

College is expensive.

This here is my Ebay listing sheet of all the stuff that I'm getting rid of. DVDs for 25 cents? Well, since I've long ago lost their cases I figured they aren't worth much more. Cheap manga and doujin? If you don't mind a tiny case of yellowed edges (Book*Off won't take them) then they are all your's!

Like I said, I will likely be adding more from time to time so keep checking back.




SHURYU: More than Rivals?

A/N: Things are starting to get serious.


"Get out of my house."

Tohma stared blankly at the towering form of Ryuichi Sakuma as his mind began to process what had happened.

After an evening of trading insults and insinuations, tempers flared and his implications about Ryuichi's true nature had angered the man. It was only natural the vocalist lashed out. Hell, only moments before Tohma himself had done so when Ryuichi had questioned his character, so Tohma wasn't so upset at that.

He was upset, however, that when the vocalist acquainted his fist with Tohma's jaw, it hadn't been someplace else. Because of his close proximity to the surrounding furniture and the force of the blow, the blonde found himself careening into and then through Ryuichi's glass coffee table.

Wincing, Tohma shifted his weight to his elbows to try to keep pressure off of his back. Still, shards of glass bit into his tender flesh. Blood ran in sticky rivets down his back. Shifting again, he managed to haul himself to his knees.

"Ryuichi, my last comment was out of line. We were both out of line tonight," he struggled to pick himself up.

A hand came down to offer assistance but he didn't take it. Once he was standing, Tohma brushed some of the smaller shards from his clothing, before looking up at Ryuichi. Ryuichi for his part looked cowed, with his arms drawn across his chest and his hands under his arms. Still, Tohma could tell some of his anger still smothered underneath.

"However, I'll say this one more time: this has nothing to do with you. Shindo's happy, that should be good enough. Leave well enough alone."

This time, when Tohma tried to leave, Ryuichi made no move to stop him.

Grabbing his jacket and hat from their place by the door, Tohma looked over his shoulder at his long time friend.

"I hold a lot of power, Ryuichi. I would hate to have to use it, so please, don't make me."

Pulling the door closed behind him Tohma just caught Ryuichi's parting words.

"You are not the only one with power, Tohma. Remember that."


The next morning, when Shuichi arrived at work, he found the members and staff of Bad Luck convened around the meeting room table and muttering in low voices. Hiro and Fujasaki were exchanging expressions of disbelief, while Sakano seemed to be nodding to something K was saying while he polished his revolver.

"I still can't believe it," Fujisaki whispered, shaking his head."It just doesn't make sense."

"What doesn't make sense?" He asked, unsure if he wanted to know. He looked between his band mates, wondering if he should have stayed home again, when Hiro gave a small half smile and a shrug.

"The president scrapped the plans for our movie," the redhead elaborated.


"It looks like you got your wish, Shuichi," K said somewhat bitterly as he clapped the younger man on the shoulder. " It was canceled as of this morning. Why the President would scrap a guaranteed box office smash I have no idea, but lucky for us, none of the details ever reached the media."

"So, it will be like it never existed," Shuichi supplied.

Now there was no reason to be upset or dread coming to work. His problem solved itself it seemed. He no longer had any reason to see or talk to Ryuichi Sakuma- at least until he made up his mind on how he felt about what happened between them- and the knowledge was freeing.

Shuichi couldn't help but start laughing.

"What's gotten into him?"

The bubbling laughter died in his throat. Slowly, he turned around.

"Ryuichi," K didn't sound impressed.

"The one and only! I just came to say, I can't wait to start shooting with all of you! This is going to be so much fun!" he elaborated, looking over the members of Bad Luck before settling on Shuichi.

"What are you talking about?! The project was canceled!"

Ryuichi didn't seem to register K's outburst, instead going through the pockets of his cargo pants. The brunette's face lit up once he found what he was looking for. Pulling his hand out, he thrust the fist-full of candy at Shuichi, who didn't immediately take it. " For you, Shuichi."

"Umm, I'm good, Sakuma-"


The name was said by both K and its owner.


"Ryuichi. I told you before to call me Ryuichi," the candy was once more offered.

"Damnit, Ryuichi! Just what are you going on about?!"

Easily, Ryuichi used the hand not holding candy to pat down his pockets again. Pulling a folded newspaper out, he held it up and over his head to K, who snatched it out of his hand in a blur. Spreading it out on the table, he read the headline out loud.

'Nittle Grasper X Bad Luck Movie Set to Start Filming This Week!

Lead singers Ryuichi Sakuma and Shuichi Shindo team up to make a musical explosion of epic proportions! N-G is planning for a nationwide release sometime this fall. As of yet, the details are fuzzy but everyone can look forward to the smash hit! Continued in section 2-A…'

"Isn't it great?!" Ryuichi cried out happily, grabbing Shuichi's hand and depositing the candy in it.

"Something's fishy." Hiro stated, earning a nod from Fujisaki.

"Tohma told me personally the plans were canceled, unless…" K locked eyes with Ryuichi.

"Anyway, why doesn't everyone take a break for now." He suggested, he tone of voice brightening.

He waited for everyone to leave the room before he pulled the retreating Ryuichi back into the room.

"Now what exactly is going on?"


Tohma tried his best to ignore the stinging pain in his back as he continually lent forward in his leather chair. He interlaced his slim fingers and rested his chin on them as he stared forward, poignantly trying to ignore the newspaper on his desk. His shades were closed and he basked in the darkness of his office.

"You are not the only one with power, Tohma."

So this is what Ryuichi meant?

Tohma was sure Ryuichi had been the one who leaked the information to the media.

Sighing, Tohma rolled up the paper and threw it into his trash can. Ryuichi knew there was not much he could do about it now. If the company backed out now, that would mean bad publicity for all involved, but he wondered. How far was Ryuichi willing to go?

Well, whatever the answer, this little stunt meant war…



SHURYU: More than Rival?

A/N: Violence and foul language ahead. Also, Ryuichi's an ass. But Tohma's a dick, so it evens itself out.


Through the darkness of of the living room, Ryuichi stared at the blonde, waiting for him to continue. Forcing the feeling of dread to the back of his mind, the brunette did his best to keep a neutral expression despite there not being much light in the room. Having a feeling of control, at least over himself for the moment, made Ryuichi feel the tiniest bit better. He would need his wits about him if he was going to deal with Tohma.

"I already told you before not to interfere with Eiri and Shindo-san's relationship," he began. "My sources tell me that because of you actions, whatever it is you've done this time, things have become a lot more complicated. Unnecessarily so, I'll have you know."

Ryuichi heard the russle of fabric from the blonde's direction. Knowing the other man's mannerisms, he assumed Tohma was crossing his arms, disapprovingly.

In truth, Ryuichi was sorely tempted to tell Tohma to have his 'sources' shove it, but he figured going of the defensive would prove a sign of a guilty conscience- not that his dream hadn't done just that- and that going on the offensive would only make matters worse. Normally, Ryuichi would play at incomprehension of the matter or try to direct the conversation elsewhere, but this rarely worked with Tohma. The keyboardist knew him too well for that, being one of the few knowing Ryuichi's true nature. Tohma wouldn't underestimate him, so he would do the same. However, Ryuichi knew this was going to tricky, especially something precious to Tohma- Eiri Yuki- was involved.

"What do you have to say for yourself, Ryuichi?" the blonde prompted when no reply was forthcoming.

It seemed the best thing he could do at the moment would be to try and find out exactly how much Tohma really knew. Depending on that, Ryuichi could tailor his strategy from there. Unfortunately, however, Ryuichi had a sinking feeling that Tohma knew a decent amount about his transgression.

"Well?" Tohma sighed, clearly annoyed.

"Well what?" Ryuichi asked innocently.

Ryuichi recoiled almost violently when Tohma turned on the light.

Son of a-

Shaking his head to try and clear his vision of spots, Ryuichi only heard as Tohma sat down on the love seat adjacent to the couch. When his vision cleared, he glared at the blonde, who had the grace to look away.

"Ryuichi," Tohma started, his tone firm. "What did you do to Shindo?"

It came more as a statement than a question. Ryuichi huffed and ran a hand over his face. It was mostly to hide his smile at the irony. There once was a time where Tohma may had encouraged Ryuichi into running off with the younger singer, just so he would not have to deal with either one of them again.

If only he arrived a month or two earlier. Shuichi could have easily been all his.

"Tohma, what makes you think I-"

"Don't play games with me, Ryuichi. I know you have feelings for Shindo, so drop the dumb act and tell me what you did so I can fix it before it gets out of control."

Ryuichi watched passively as the blonde said his piece, unblinking even as the man's voice rose in volume. When he was done, he looked Tohma in the eye and asked, "Who said I wanted you to fix it?"

There was a sense of satisfaction for Ryuichi as he watched the blonde's head jerk back at his tone.

"What's the matter Tohma? Now you get your bastard back. Then, I get Shuichi and everybody wins," he said with a grin. At the keyboardist's irate look he continued, "And don't give me that, Tohma. I'm quite aware of the fact you and the bastard have a past. Don't forget, I'm a part of it.

"Hell, I thought you'd be glad. But no, you've turned into an old fart. It's always; 'Ryuichi, don't do this, don't do that.' or 'Shindo, put that down. Stop bothering Yuki.' It's always Yuki, Yuki, Yuki. You sound like a broken record."

"Ryuichi..." Tohma warned.

"But you know what? He doesn't even like you!" At this Tohma's face drained of its color.

"You've done nothing but bend over backwards for him and the only thing he has to say to you is 'fuck off'! I say, fuck him too!" Ryuichi thew up his arms in frustration. So caught up was he in his rant, he didn't notice the red spots high on the blonde's cheeks or the stiff way he was sitting. Thin, pale fingers, gripped his pant fabric covering his knees tightly.

"So, pull you head out of your ass, Tohma!"


Ryuichi stared up as his hand automatically went to the sting in his cheek. The confident grin which had stretched across his face just a moment ago slid off and was replaced by a look of surprise.

"You think it'd be so easy, don't you?" the blonde spat, glaring down. Hazel eyes burned with a rage that made even Ryuichi, who normally wasn't easily intimidated (unless it served him), pause. It was a dangerous calm, slow burning rage, that was directed his way.

"You really think me so petty?" he asked, drawing himself to his full height.

"Sometimes you don't give me the choice," he anwered, swallowing, looking for scraps of the familiar anger associated with the topic to use as a shield. "I thought you'd be happy to see Shu-chan go. I distinctly remember you trying to block their path, every step of their way. What changed?"

"Nothing. I still don't approve of Shindo, but he does make Eiri happy. So, for now I allow it."

"And that's it? What about Shuichi's feelings?"

"What about them? So long as he continues to do his job I don't care about anything else. To me he was put on this planet for two reasons: make Eiri happy and sell records. If he can do neither, I have no use for him."

Turning, the blonde made leave, but Ryuichi flung himself off the couch and over the glass coffee table in time to grab his wrist.

"So that's it? That's how you treat the people around you?!" Ryuichi slipped between Tohma and the edge of the love seat to stand in front of the blonde. His hands found their way to the other man's shoulders and blue eyes met hazel angrily.

"You tell me."



SHURYU: More than Rivals?

A/N 2013: Edited slightly. This chapter's pretty short and not really that plot heavy, but this chapter leads into the next story arch and finishes the last seven chapters.

Shuichi ducked into the first store he saw, a candy store to his left. After closing the door swiftly behind him, he moved about the small store in search for a place to hide. Sadly, as with most small and overly cramped stores, his options were limited. He contemplated asking the store keeper, a kind looking old man, if he may be allowed to hide under the counter.

As time seemingly moved slower than that of a snail's pace, Shuichi was hoping that Ryuichi would not chose this particular store to go shopping. The seconds passed like minutes and the minuets passed like hours until Shuichi finally let out a sigh, happy there was no sign of Ryuichi Sakuma. Allowing his shoulders to fall, he was startled when he heard the dull ring of a ceramic wind chime signal someone's arrival. Slowly turning backwards to face the door and his one time idol, Shuichi was relieved when the face to greet him was that of a young girl, no older than four or five. Letting out another sigh, he turned around…smack into a smiling Ryuichi's embrace. "S-Sakuma-san!?"

"Hey, Shuichi, what are you doing here? Do you come here often?" Ryuichi asked innocently as he gave the younger a tight squeeze. Almost instantly, the younger man tensed. Not wanting anymore bad karma between them, Ryuichi let go and stepped back a step, keeping his ever present smile plastered on his face, although the boy's reaction did hurt him. "So, Shuichi, where have you been? Kumagoro is sad that he hasn't seen Shuichi around lately."

Shuichi continued to stare at the older singer. Had he forgotten what had happened not all that long ago in the NG parking lots? It was only a day ago. Was he oblivious to what he had done? From the expressions on Ryuichi's face that day, Shuichi thought it safe to assume 'no'. Was he oblivious to how Shuichi felt? Did he not realize that he was with Yuki? How would Yuki react if he found out?

Would he get mad? Yes.

Would he kick him out again? Probably.

Would that end their relationship? Most likely.

Was he going to tell Yuki? He didn't know…


Shuichi blinked for the first time in almost a minute. "Huh? What?" He looked at his one time idol. If he was smart, he would just leave and never talk to the brown haired performer again. If he was really felt violated, he would call the cops and file a lawsuit against Ryuichi Sakuma. If he truly was upset with what had happened, he should be mad or even hateful, but the truth was he was none of these. He felt scared.

"Shuichi…" Ryuichi placed his hand against Shuichi's forehead to see if the younger was running a temperature. Luckily, he wasn't. Although, he had an idea what was troubling Shuichi, Ryuichi decided it best to play his energetic self and try to sooth over what had happened the previous day. "Shuichi, are you hungry?"

Shuichi just blankly stared at the older man in a mix of disbelief that he was glazing over the scars of yesterday and a little twinge of hope that things could go back to what they were, even though he knew they could never. He opened his mouth to protest and even give Ryuichi a piece of his mind when he tasted something overly sweet and hard in his mouth. He glanced down and saw a thin white stick poking out from between his parted lips. Grasping the stick between his fingers, he pulled to find that it was a purple lollipop. He looked up at his mentor for an explanation.

Facing him was a happy Ryuichi with another white stick protruding from his lips as well. After a moment, Ryuichi withdrew the stick, this one with a red lollipop attached, and replied, "Sorry, but I like the cherry ones. Grape is good too, but I like cherry better."

Shuichi looked at his brightly colored lollipop. Grape? He thought grapes were supposed to be green. Also, grapes weren't this sweet. The candy tasted more of sugar and some other unknown, definitely not grape, flavoring to Shuichi's definitely Japanese palette.

"Good, huh? This store sells everything from all around the world. You can get anything here." Ryuichi said, pointing. "But, Ryuichi still doesn't understand why Shuichi is here?"

"Sakuma-san…" Shuichi began with a sigh, pulling the candy from his mouth. Ugh, it tasted way too sweet. Enough games, they couldn't just pretend nothing happened yesterday. Things were different now. Shuichi should have gone to the store, got Yuki his cigarettes and beer, and been home already. He groaned inwardly at the thought of returning home to an unhappy Yuki.

Hearing the barely audible groan, Ryuichi fought the urge to shutter and allow his mind to wonder. That was for home. Finally, he asked, "Shuichi, do you hate me?"

Startled, Shuichi looked up and their eyes locked for a moment.

"Cuz I don't want you to hate me, but after yesterday, I guess you have a reason to…" Ryuichi's voice held a childish tone that was laced with sorrow, regret, and even a little hope. Shuichi knew this was the adult talking, although not totally. In any other situation Shuichi wouldn't have minded, but this time he felt a little annoyed by it.

'Can't he be serious about anything?' he though before another though hit him, 'You've seen him serious and look at where that got you.'

It was true. But when he looked at the brunette, who was nibbling on the stuffed rabbit's ear, he tried to return to the question at hand. He thought hard about weather or not he hated the vocalist and answered as honestly as he could.

"I… I honestly don't know…"

With that, he turned around and walked out of the store, leaving Ryuichi to his own devices.

Ryuichi watched Shuichi go, all the while hugging Kumagoro tightly. It was strange how much the plush bunny could comfort him at times. He fought back urge to cry and scream until he heard a voice.

'All I wanted was to see Shuichi sparkle...'

"Now, now, Ryu. No need for that. My store is supposed to be filled with smiles, not tears. You seem good friends, so don't give up just yet, got that? Whatever it is that has set you apart can be resolved with time and a little effort."

Ryuichi turned to see the owner, a man who by appearance looked to be in his late seventies, with a crooked back that made an already short man even shorter. He carried himself with an air of great knowledge and understanding, causing Ryuichi to instinctively trust his advice. With such a sagely look, how couldn't he?

"Three?" Holding out three large lollipops- a red, orange, and blue- he motioned Ryuichi to take them. With a smile he did. Ryuichi wasn't one to turn down candy. The old man smiled and turned away with a nod when the door chime signaled the entrance of another customer.

Looking down, he noticed that Kumagoro too was holding an pink colored sweet.

'When did he?' Ryuichi absently wondered. Shaking his head, he decided that he would sort out this mess with Shuichi- one way or another- before he lost Shuichi's sparkle for good. Planning how he would return things back to normal, Ryuichi slipped out the door, but not before he called his thanks over his shoulder.

As the door closed, Kamimura nodded and silently wished both boys luck and went back to sorting sweets.



SHURYU: More than Rivals?

Warning: This chapter is rather long. If you need a bathroom break, I suggest taking it now. Also, this chapter is the where we start getting into the M-rate territory. This chapter and the next will contain adult situations.

Note: Italics are the continuation of the flashback from last chapter. Bold italics are describing an even that occurred before said flashback and is being remembered during which.

Shuichi barely had time to move away before the free falling form of Ryuichi Sakuma fell on top of him with a loud thud, the vibration of which had to have been felt through out the whole of the NG building. A few minutes after the back of his head stopped throbbing so much, Shuichi decided after a moment to open his eyes and see the full extent of the damage both to himself and his idol. Lifting his hands and wiggling his toes, Shuichi decided that he was okay, save for the dull pain in the back of his skull.

He turned his attention to Ryuichi Sakuma, who's head was nestled in the junction of Shuichi's neck and shoulder. The rest of him seemed spralled out over Shuichi's legs and torso like a blanket. Shifting to get a better look, Shuichi noticed the dazed look on the other's face. Still poking out of the older vocalist's tee shirt was Kumagoro, oddly looking just as confused.

"Ouchies, that hurt…" Ryuichi said offhandedly. The tone and the situation made Shuichi huff out the ghost of a laugh- the best he could do with a grown man laying on his chest- as he let his head return to the floor.

"You alright up there?" Shuichi asked. Secretly he was glad they managed to escape the cliche where he and his idol would have ended up tangled in each other's limbs and kissing through some strange twist of fate that ignored the fact that Ryuichi had fallen backwards.

"That didn't go like I planned at all!" Ryuichi groused once his wits returned to him. He shifted himself so that he was on his hands and knees over the younger vocalist and banged his fist against the floor to further state his point.

Before the younger of the two could say anything, the cassette tape landed hard and bounced off of the back of Ryuichi's already damaged cranium into Shuichi's hand. Prepared for the worse, Shuichi shut his eyes and cursed all things cliché.

Expecting lips on his, Shuichi was rather surprised when he felt Ryuichi's face bury itself into the crook of his neck. For a long moment the two just lay still with Ryuichi's lips softly touching the side of younger man's pulse point. With each breath, they could feel the other's heartbeat quicken yet a little more.

Opening his eyes, Shuichi found himself hyper-aware of the weight of Sakuma's body atop his own, the brown hair tickling his chin, the feel of warm lips, and the clean scent of the man pressed so tightly against him. Heart racing, Shuichi listened to the older man's shallow breathing, feeling the breaths fan against sensitive skin.

When the brunette showed no signs of moving, he began to wonder if his idol had been knocked unconscious.

"S-sakuma-san?" He called but there came no answer.

Resigning to this fate, he tried to focus on other things, more important things like if either of them were injured and what to do about it. He wondered if it could be considered harassment if he were to run his hands over his idol's body- purely to check for breaks, mind- and got as far as spraying his hands against the man's back.

'Oh good," he though to himself. 'I've officially become Tatsuha. Yay, me.'

Feeling the shuffling of the younger boy under him was an odd feeling, not at all like he thought it might feel like. For one, Shuichi was bonier than he looked, though Ryuichi had always known Shuichi was on the smaller side. It wasn't very hard to notice, with what the younger vocalist usually wore on stage. Still with all of Shuichi's boniness and Kumagoro's form digging into his chest, Ryuichi found he wasn't entirely uncomfortable.

In fact, he was far from it.

Feeling Shuichi's quick pulse under his lips sent an electric tingle through his body, much like when he took to a new stage in an unknown venue. The friction and weight of Shuichi's leg between his own made warmth pool in the pit of his stomach, just above the waistband of his boxers. Knowing that Shuichi's arms were around him, made his heart pound and his shoulder-blades twitch, half expecting to soon feel nails drag own his flesh. Shuichi's scent made him fall deeper into-

He had to get himself under control.

'Shame Shuichi makes such a good pillow,' he thought to himself, trying to will his heart rate to slow, using a technique he had learned years ago and frequently used when onstage.

To Ryuichi's relief, Shuichi made no attempts to move, and Ryuichi was able to reign himself in enough not to embarrass himself or the other singer. When he was sure he wasn't going to do anything questionable, Ryuichi pushed back against the arms around him and sat up. Straddling the other's hips, he stared down at Shuichi.

A big mistake.

Seeing the brunette's wince, Shuichi stared as Ryuichi rushed to get off the younger man. Looking away, Ryuichi struggled to clear his mind and adopt his normal nonchalance manner.

"Sakuma-san! How are you feeling? Think you need a doctor?" Shuichi asked, his voice soft. Ryuichi quickly found his stride one doctors were mentioned. "I'm sure K can take you."

"But I don't wanna go! I hate doctors!" the brunette countered, giving Shuichi his patented sad puppy dog eyes. Pulling Kumagoro out of his shirt, he held the stuffed rabbit like it could protect him from all the horrors of the world. With a whine, he buried his face in the synthetic fur and cried, "Shuichi, why do you hate me?"

"I-I don't hate you, Sakuma-san! I could never hate you!" Shuichi put his hands up in defense. Ryuichi stopped whimpering for a moment and looked up. "I swear it."

"Really?" The pink haired boy nodded.

Crisis adverted.

"Shuichi, can I ask you something?" Ryuichi asked, his tone leaning more towards serious. Shuichi swallowed nervously So much for staving off the Nuclear Meltdown...

He waited for Shuichi to answerer before making any signs of continuing.

"Sure, fire away." Shuichi answered with an unsure smile- one that wasn't reflected on the older vocalist's face.

"We're friends, right?"

'Sleepy, sleepy, is Tohma sleepy?' asked Kumagoro from the corner of the desk belonging Tohma Seguchi late one night. Yawning, he added, 'Tohma should go sleepy, sleepy…'

'Well, actually yes, Ryu…Kumagoro, I am.' Tohma replied, careful to address the correct person in fear that Ryuichi would though yet another one of his 'I'm not Ryuichi, I'm Kumagoro' fits again. Sighing and leaning back, Tohma waited for a response from the pink stuffed rabbit but received none. Instead, he heard shuffling in front of his desk towards the floor. He leaned over his desk to investigate.

He came face to face with a sleepy looking Ryuichi Sakuma dressed in cogneto, sporting a red and white baseball cap, shades which had become completely useless seeing as it was night, an oversized brown jacket, torn-up blue jeans, and the shining grace: a black and white Bad Luck tee-shirt. Tohma couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

"It's late, Tohma. You should go home and get some sleep." Ryuichi sleepily replied, stifling a indignant yawn at his now boss. He sat, Indian style on the floor in front of Tohma Seguchi's large wooden desk, Kumagoro on his lap. "What are you still doing here this late? Tohma should be at home with Mrs. Seguchi… making baby Seguchis!"

Had Tohma been drinking anything at that moment upon hearing the last part of the sentence, it would now be covering Ryuichi. Tohma stared a moment before realization hit him and he realized how much sense his friend made. He was married to her, after all, and it was only natural that they would be up at this hour…making baby Seguchis. "Well, yes…" Tohma tried to come up with an answer that wouldn't led to anymore questions. "About that, Mika is currently in Kyoto, visiting her father and brother."

"Oh." Ryuichi nodded in understanding and then added "But I thought her brother lived in Tokyo…"

Tohma remained silent for a moment before replying, "She has two brothers. She is visiting with the youngest male of the Uesugi family, Tatsuha."

"What about the other one?" he asked, although already knowing the answer. The other brother, Eiri, lived with Bad Luck's lead singer Shuichi Shindo. From what he understood, Tohma seemed quite fond of Eiri, but not of the relationship between him and Shindo. Ryuichi had a strong hunch that Tohma only married Mika-san to be close to Eiri, but that was none of his business, seeing as she had actually gone along with it and it wasn't his place to interfere. She was a nice enough woman and Ryuichi really had no qualms with her.

"He lives in Tokyo." Tohma replied simply. Ryuichi nodded and dropped it.

Trying to change the subject, Tohma asked, "Interesting choice in clothing, as usual, Ryuichi."

"Yeah, like it? I just got the tee-shirt yesterday. I was looking around for Shindo so he could sign it, but…"

"I see. How is young Shindo lately?" Tohma asked, folding his hands atop each other and waiting for a response that would confirm his suspicions. Lately, Ryuichi's fondness for the boy and the boy's fondness in return in had been developing into something that, Tohma's opinion, would end badly. Especially for Ryuichi...

"Well…" Ryuichi said, carefully tip toeing around the whole situation. Tohma interrupted by simply raising a hand from its perch atop the other. After doing so, he looked Ryuichi straight in the eye and that said,

"Because I am your friend, I am telling you this…" the blonde cautioned.

Ryuichi for his part just nodded, though inside he felt himself growing genuinely angry.

As much as he loved Tohma, he hated the side of Seguchi that would do anything to succeed in getting what he wanted done, although he had to admit that he shared a similar trait at times. The difference, Ryuichi felt, was that Ryuichi didn't hide behind the pretense of doing things for 'another's own good'. He knew he was selfish and hand no issue in stating as much. He even acknowledge that he could be spiteful, but Tohma on the other hand...

Somehow managed to keep his happy-go-lucky look plastered on his face as he wanted to deck Tohma and walk out.

"… it is for the benefit of everyone that you do not get too involved in Shindo-san. In the beginning, it was alright. You were there too push him along, motivate him to do better, but now…"

'But now you don't want to see your precious Eiri get hurt…' Ryuichi though, surprising himself with the amount of venom contained in that statement.

"Please understand, Ryuichi…" But Ryuichi was once again lost in his own thoughts.

Nodding, he walked out of the room as if nothing had happened, probably making Tohma think his words were taken to heart. When he closed the door behind him and walked a good ways down the hall, he pulled his fist back and let it fly into the wall. It was easy to ignore stinging pain in his hand.

"Right, Shuichi?"

Shuichi stared at his idol for a moment that seemed to drag for an eternity. Finally, he nodded, not sure what else to say. It was too good to be true. Friends, to be real honest-to-goodness friends, acknowledged and accepted by Ryuichi Sakuma himself? Shuichi couldn't have stopped the grin if he tried.

Immediately, Ryuichi stood up and grabbed his hand.

"S-sakuma-san, where are we…" he didn't have a chance to finish his sentence when Ryuichi cut in.

"Ryuichi, call me Ryuichi and I'm taking you some place special…" and with that, Shuichi was dragged off by the hand toward what would forever change his life…



SHURYU: More than Rivals?

A/N 2013: Edited for continuity issues.

"Never mind. It's nothing I can't handle on my own." Shuichi smiled at the blond standing a little off to his left, propped against the wall with his arms crossed. It was almost completely silent if not for the soft far-off ticking of the clock in the kitchen. It was nice.

Sighing, the novelist Eiri Yuki pushed himself off the wall with his foot and slowly walked over to his lover. Once he was close enough, he reached out a and ruffled the younger man's hair a bit before letting his hand fall to his side. "Cheer up, you're no good when you're like this."

And with that said, and his good deed done for the year, Yuki walked off towards the kitchen. He was hungry and in need of more alcohol. Watching the retreating back of his lover, Shuichi stood there silently, left to ponder what had just happened. Had Yuki just comforted him?

"Yuki really loves me. Yuki really loves me…" he said in a sing song voice as he did a strange little victory dance that resembled a thief that had just gotten caught by the police in mid action.

"Keep it down, you damn brat!" Yuki called from the kitchen, annoyed. That's what he got for being nice to the brat. He made a mental note to never do that again as he rummaged the fridge.

Dammit, he was out of beer. He looked up and sighed. He reached into his breast pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes. Nicotine: the next best thing to alcohol. He squeezed the soft packaging only to find it empty. No. No goddamn way. He swore then and there that one day he would get his vengeance on whatever god that loved using his existence as a plaything…

He was batting one hundred today. First, no booze and now no cigarettes, what a wonderful day this would turn out to be. He closed his eyes a moment and thought. If he wasn't mistaken, and according to him he never was, there was a convenience store only a few blocks away…

The fresh morning air felt good to Shuichi as he walked down the less crowded than usual streets, towards what Yuki had said was a holy place containing the staples of his existence.

Shortly after Yuki had left him standing in the hallway, the blonde reemerged with a quest for Shuichi and two one-thousand yen bills. Now exiled from their large apartment until such time that his task was completed, Shuichi made his way to the convenience store, all the time looking in the store windows and wondering about the people who lived in the various rooms in the surrounding buildings.

Things were starting to finally look up for the young singer as the events of the past day flew away with the cool breeze. This was a perfect day to write a song. He felt the music bubbling up inside of him and was about to start humming the first few notes when he caught sight of figure walking down the street, his way. Squinting his eyes against the sun, Shuichi tried to identify the familiar brown blur. When he did, his insides went cold. The figure was still a good distance away, but knowing this person, it wouldn't take long for him to see Shuichi and tackle him with a hug.

Shuichi knew that he had mere seconds to react, to find a place to hide, but his legs were unwilling to cooperate. He had to hide. He had to find somewhere safe. He had to find a place away from him!

The sun was so bright today, too bright for Ryuichi's sensitive blue eyes. Walking down the street, he tried to ignore the fact that he had forgotten his sunglasses in the N-G meeting room on the table where he had left them the morning before. After what had happened with Shuichi, he hadn't felt like going back for them.

Instead, Ryuichi spent the rest of the day wandering the little used parts of the NG building.

Since Nittle Grasper's break up three years ago, the building had changed drastically under Tohma's rule. The building itself had not changed that much, not including the addition of a few dozen new entrances, but the interior was completely different.

During Ryuichi's stay in the States, Tohma had the old underground recording studios covered over and made into a parking lot and had all new "state of the art" studios built on the upper levels. Ryuichi, Kumagoro, Tohma, and Noriko had spent many an hour in those old studios, perfecting their craft, but now all those hours of fun were just memories…

And he hated the thought of it! At first, he thought that reuniting Nittle Grasper would be fun, but it wasn't the same anymore. Not even close. He would do anything to have those old times back and that is why he turned to the members of Bad Luck... and more importantly, to Shuichi.

He was supposed to be rehearsing with Noriko, but that didn't stop Ryuichi Sakuma from slacking off and wandering the halls of the NG building one bit! Walking down the brightly lit hallways, Ryuichi decided that it would be fun if he would stop in and see what his friends from Bad Luck where up too.

Turning the corner, Ryuichi collided with a warm and somewhat soft something, presumably a person that was moving in the other direction, sending Ryuichi and his faithful Kumagoro to the floor with a thump. Looking up, he saw what, or rather who exactly he had collided with.

"Shuichi!" Ryuichi called out happily, throwing his arms around his pink haired fan. Shuichi was just the distraction he needed. The energy the younger vocalist extruded made Ryuichi feel years younger and helped improve his mood. As of late, Ryuichi needed the pick-me-up, especially the more he thought about his life. For a man who had everything life had to offer, he sure felt empty at times.

"Sa-sakuma-san?" Shuichi stammered out, a bit surprised but not completely unused to his former idol and now semi-rival hugging him. "What are you doing here!"

Thinking for a moment, the brunette answered in mock seriousness, "Shuichi, I work here…"

Stifling a laugh, Shuichi pulled away from the older man and picked up the light pink Kumagoro off the floor. He handed it to its owner who hugged him lovingly. it was rather cute, Shuichi thought. Meetings with his idol usually cheered him up after a long day of practice.

'I guess it wouldn't hurt to spend a little while with Sakuma-san...' he though, not really feeling like returning to rehearsals. He glanced over towards the happy brunette who was hugging the non-existent life out of the stuffed toy.

"So, where are you off to, Sakuma-san?"

Ryuichi hummed loudly, as he continued to hug the stuffed bunny- twisting back and forth manically- causing Shuichi to laugh. Peaking with a keen eye from between the rabbit's ears, the older vocalist shifted though his words to find an answer that wouldn't bring an end to their conversation. Somehow he thought, 'coming to see you,' might be a bad answer.

"Well, nowhere right now. How about you, Shuichi?" he asked instead.

With a start, Shuichi straightened to his full height. Reminded of his mission, he replied, "Oh! That's right, I'm supposed to go to the storage closet to get a blank tape for Hiro! I completely forgot! Thanks for reminding me, Sakuma-san!"

Cursing his luck, Ryuichi placed a hand on the younger boy's shoulder as he made a motion to leave. Shuichi turned around and looked at his idol. For a moment Shuichi swore Ryuichi's serious expression flickered across his face, before he was grinning widely as usual.

Shuichi looked from Ryuichi's face to his hand.

"Yes, Sakuma-san?"

"Let me." He said simply before he zipped away, towards the storage closet.

"Uh, Sakuma-san?" Shuichi called out, before Ryuichi could turn the corner in the hall, "It's that way."

"Oh." Turning on the non-existent heels of his sneakers, Ryuichi flew down the hall the other way. One day, he needed to ask Tohma for a map but until then, it gave him a valid excuse to wander around.

Watching Ryuichi depart, it dawned on Shuichi the fact that the great Ryuichi Sakuma would probably, no more like most likely, get lost. Sighting the shadow of the hyper brown haired singer cast on the wall, Shuichi took off, intent on catching up to his idol...

'Storage closet, storage closet...' Ryuichi repeated over and over in thought, both vocally and mentally. He was to find a storage closet, although he had absolutely no idea of where it would be. He glanced over his shoulder to make sure that Shuichi was still following. He had purposely not run at his normal speeds in fear of losing Shuichi who he had hoped would follow him. Luckily, it turned out that way and the two were now walking down yet another hallway in search for an elusive storage closet.

"Hey, here it is!" Ryuichi heard from behind him as well as the sound of an aluminum door being opened. He turned around and followed the younger vocalist into what was not a small closet but a large room! Stepping inside, he noted the large floor to ceiling metal shelves and the long set-in-ceiling halogen lighting above. The door closed behind him.

"Yeah, I know, why is it called a storage 'closet', right?" Shuichi said, continuing towards the back of the room with Ryuichi behind him, eyeing the items around him.

'How things had changed...' he thought, remembering their old excuse for a storage closet. It was more of a storage 'shelf'.

"Now, where are the blank tapes?"

Looking up and down and left and right, Shuichi and Ryuichi spotted everything but blank tapes. On the verge of giving up and returning to the recording studio empty handed, Ryuichi noticed out of the corner of his eye a single tape placed on one of the high shelves to his right. To get it, he would have to climb up the metal shelving unit. Shoving Kumagoro into the front of his tee, he placed his foot up on the third shelf from the bottom and got ready to climb.

"Hey, get down from there! That can be dangerous, Sakuma-san!" Shuichi yelled, but it was too late. Ryuichi was already half way to reaching the desired shelf that held the spoils. Reaching out his hand to grab the next shelf, Ryuichi swayed dangerously back and almost lost his grip, but he managed to steady himself.

"Close one, eh, Kumachan," he said, finding his next handhold. Pulling himself up, it was as he prepared to step up when his sneaker slipped. For a second Ryuichi thought he would be able to catch himself again, but his hands lost their purchase and he found himself suspended in midair for all of two second. In that time he was able to shoot Shuichi a troubled look before he was falling like a rock.